Folker System Vert Shock (My Review)

The Claim:

They say that using the Folker System Vert Shock adds 9 to 15 inches on your jump in the eight weeks of the program.

Who are Adam Folker and Jusfly

Adam Folker is a former Division I college basketball player at UC Irvine. He has also played professional basketball to some extent. As a child Folker explains that he was not very athletic and couldn’t jump very high. However, through hard work and dedication he was leaping out of the gym his senior year of high school.

Folker System Vert Shock

Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant

Justin “Jusfly” Darlington is one of the freakiest athletes on the face of the planet. He has been dubbed the best dunker in the world on multiple occasions throughout his career and has been recorded jumping over 50 inches off vert.

Vert Shock Review

Jusfly with Lebron and AD

Affiliate Disclaimer (Folker System Vert Shock) :

Here is about the point where I start gushing about how highly I think of this program. So I  think it is only fair that I inform you that I am an affiliate of this product. So you can take my opinions with a grain of salt if you like. That being said I legitimately do think extremely highly of this product and would not recommend it if I thought it was not a great option to help you achieve your jumping goals.

How/Why Vert Shock Works

Adam did a ton of research when creating his jumping system. In his findings he noticed a link between type-II B fibers (which essentially are twitch muscles) and an individuals ability to jump. Thus Vert Shock was born. Vert Shock uses advanced plyometrics to “shock” your nervous system (hence the name) and to develop these type 2 fiber twitch muscles for the purpose of jumping higher.

Thats a mouthful. Basically all you need to know is Adam puts science on your side through Vert Shock. And if you are going to be working your ass off close to everyday for eight weeks to jump higher you should do it with a system that is tested and scientifically proven to work.

Vert Shock focuses on the quality of your leaps instead of the quantity. They limit the amount of times you jump your highest so on those jumps you actually do jump your highest. Which in turn allows the highest you can jump to become higher. Tongue twister, I know.

Furthermore, their is a focus on the speed of your jumps (speed=height) with a concentrated effort put on limiting the initial ground contact time of your jumps.

vertical leap

The Three Phases of Shock

  1. Pre-Shock: Time=1 week (workout on 6 of those days), Prepares body for Shock Phase
  2. Shock Phase: Time=6 weeks (workout 4 to 6 days a week), High intensity, Shocks body, most of your jumping progress will be made in this phase
  3. Post-Shock Phase: Time=1 week (workout on 6 of those days), commits what you have learned to muscle memory, slows down

Pre-Shock Phase Vert Shock


“The workouts have been great! I have already seen a 3 inch improvement on my vertical and am so close to throwing down my first dunk. Thank you for the great program. After trying many vertical jump programs I can say that this one is for real” – Foster G.

“Hey Adam,

 Yeah the program is going well thank you I have added 5-7 inches already and its only been about two weeks, thanks man your program has really  boost my confidence in basketball you’ve done an amazing job creating this program THANK YOU! :)” – Joshua N.

“I just want to say that you continue to motivate me everyday. I have done your jump program and I gained 14 inches on my vertical!!!!!!” – Ethan V.

On the last one I may have miscounted the exclamation points :).

Best Vertical Jump Training Program

Pros and Cons of The Folker System Vert Shock:


  • Will improve your overall athletic performance, not just jumping
  • Very safe
  • No equipment needed
  • Comes with many bonuses such as an email check in/motivator, diet tips
  • Will help you jump a hell of a lot higher


  • Limited explanation of why you are doing each specific workout
  • Workout on average a little over 5 days a week


Rating: 4.5/5 stars

    This is a phenomenal program that will definitely help you jump higher. 9-15 inches is definitely possible though you would have to work very hard and have some things going in your favor. This is the only jumping product I am an affiliate for on this site because it is the best one I could find.

The cost is currently $67 but they say this is a limited time offer that could be leaving soon (IDK this might just be a tactic to get you to buy it while you are reading about it and excited about it).

That being said if you want to buy it now while you are reading about it and excited about it, and I have convinced you of its validity and quality :)!!!!! Please click the button below!!!!!!


Thanks For Reading!!!!!